Halloween at DWTS
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Halloween at DWTS

It’s one of those days as a working mom when I wish I was somewhere else.

I’ve been stuck at the ballroom for a spooky Halloween special event.  The ballroom is filled with cobwebs and Jack O’ Lanterns and ghosts and goblins and I think this is one of my favorite Dancing with the Stars specials that we’ve ever done! But sadly, I did miss my kids’ Halloween parade at school and I’m missing trick-or-treating with my babies tonight.

Thankfully David has been sending me pictures and videos to keep me connected. I’ll miss them but I’ll be ripping off my “Kiss of the Spider” inspired get-up and rushing home to catch the tail end of trick-or-treating.

Here’s a peek at what’s been happening in and out of the ballroom today:

Happy Halloween!

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