Vitamins & Supplements- Which Should You Take?
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Vitamins & Supplements- Which Should You Take?

In a perfect world we would get all the vitamins and nutrients we need by eating a healthy diet. After all, it’s nature’s tender way of taking care of us. But although I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle, it is far from perfect. Especially the weeks that our cupboards are filled with on-sale twizzlers!

At the end of August, when I took my children in for their yearly appointment with their doctor, he sent us home with a list of his recommendations for children and adults. I thought I would share the list with you, as I would love to get your opinion!


For Kids:

1. Multi-Vitamin

2. Vitamin C 250-500mg (in flu season)

3. Calcium/Magnesium Vitamin D 400 units/day (if poor milk drinkers)

4. Omega 3- children’s chewable 1/day

*Eat 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

*Drink Pomegranate Juice daily


For Adults:

1. Multi-Vitamin (Female/Male- different)

2. Vitamin C-500mg

3. Calcium/Magnesium Vitamin D 800-1000 units/day (2:1 ratio Cal:Mag)

4. Omega-fish oil (3-9) or flax oil-(3) (DHA+EPA= at least 1000)- 2 pills per day

5. Co Q 10 (for heart)- (for 40 yrs & older)

6. Glucosamine (1 pill) (for joints) – for athletes or all older than 30 years

7. Probiotics – (for everyone) 1 tab/day

8. Flax Seed (grind in coffee grinder and eat with cereal

*Eat 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

*Drink Pomegranate Juice daily

Currently, I myself take a multi-vitamin and vitamin D. (I’ve had my vitamin D level tested and it is low.) To tell the truth, I wasn’t all that surprised that my vitamin D level was low since we live so far north. Our family loves to buy the big bottles of POM wonderful juice from Costco, and lthough I don’t drink juice often, I might consider drinking a small glass of pomegranate juice daily.

A week later I took this list to my own doctor to get her opinion. The impression I got from her was that she thought they were all good ideas and it just depended on the commitment you were willing to make. Taking 8 different thing every day can be overwhelming for some. Her top three picks were the Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D, and Omega-3.

As I sort through my thoughts, to figure out what direction I want to take, I would love to get your opinion.

Do you take vitamins and supplements? Do you give them to your children? Do you think they are a good idea, or something we are better off skipping?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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