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I recently had a baby and was just cleared for exercise from my doctor, what is the

I recently had a baby and was just cleared for exercise from my doctor, what is the
best way to get my body back in shape fast?

Being a personal trainer who specializes in pre and postnatal fitness I had no choice but to get my body back in shape ASAP after having my baby.  I set a goal for myself of 12 weeks.  I wanted to be at my pre-baby weight by this time.  Everybody told me it couldn’t be done, but guess what at 11 weeks and 4 days I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  How did I do it?  I’m not going to lie and say it was easy or I’m blessed with good genes.  I did the work!  I took a 45 minute walk with Dominic in the stroller in the morning and another 45 minute walk with him in the early evening.  That equaled 6 miles of walking a day and I did this 5 days a week.  I had a C-Section so walking was all I was allowed to do the first 4 weeks.  Once I was cleared for regular activity, I started
lifting light weights (5lbs) 15 minutes a day 3-5 days a week.  I just did what I could when I felt well enough to do it.  Walking was GREAT because it got me and the baby out of the house.  Remember it took 10 months to put the baby weight on so don’t beat yourself up if it does not come off as fast as you would like it to.  Just do a little bit every day and before you know it you will be stepping back into your skinny jeans and looking like one hot mama.

P.S. for any one who is wondering I had 36 pounds to lose!

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