Back To Reality
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Back To Reality

Happy New Year….I am still basking in memories from an interesting, challenging yet still amazing 2012.  It flew by, way too fast – maybe because I was so consumed with my cancer scare and going through all the necessary medical procedures.  But, it’s over, and I can happily say that I kicked Cancer’s a*&! I am feeling fantastic! Aside from a little scar, I am good to go.

It’s a New Year, new chapter and I’m ready for it all. Back to reality…. today I am in my office, trying to catch up and paying the price for my time off.  My mandatory medical vacation wasn’t long enough – isn’t that always the case?  It was so nice to be home for the holidays, which meant I didn’t have to pack up 6 people, 12 bags and schlep to a destination that requires a vacation after our vacation.  I just finished throwing out all the sugar, packing up the holiday decorations and finding a place for all the kid’s new stuff…..oh what clutter.  I feel like a scrooge saying that I am happy that the festivities are over, but seriously it’s such an obnoxious indulgent time. 

This month is all about getting back into the grind, making healthier choices than holiday party hopping allows, and getting my kids back on a normal schedule.  It’s been so awesome to not start my morning rounds at 6:30 a.m. and my geographic tour to drop four kids off at three different locations for school. But it all ends this week and Monday morning it will be back to business as usual.  Then I’ll be off to NYC to start my fitness DVD tour, which BTW is shipping now on Amazon – Brooke Burke Body.

I have a mommy dilemma…my first day back to work happens to be in New York on Rain’s birthday!  I contemplated bringing her for my own selfish mommy guilt, but that’s not cool with her back to school schedule.  I even thought of telling her that her birthday is the 9th instead of the 8th, but she’s way too smart for that.  I feel awful, but a working mom has to do what she has to do.  I haven’t even planned her birthday party yet because we are all so maxed out from the holidays.  Time to put my Super Party Planner hat on and get it done for my sweet soon-to-be 6 year old.

I’ll figure out the party, hope she forgives me for NYC and find a great bribe to free my own guilt.  Oh-the-work-life-balance…

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