2 Good Movie Picks for Labor Day Weekend
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2 Good Movie Picks for Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend, while my hubby was away, I watched two movies- Extraordinary Measures and Dear John. Both a mixture of sad and happy, with a ton of emotion. One movie I watched with a glass of wine, and the other with a coffee. Still I cried during both 😉

Extraordinary Measures


This movie made me feel hopeful. I love when people never, ever give up! Let’s be honest, it is hard to do that, which is also why it is incredibly inspiring. With two sick children, the father (played by Brendan Fraser) never gives up hope for a cure for his children. He takes risks. Scary risks! Extraordinary Measures reminded me that we should never give up on those we love, not ever.

Dear John


This film was sad with an open ending of possibility. Also, another reminder to never give up on those we love. As well as an underlying message of how fragile life really is.

You walk away from these movies holding your loved ones a little closer, a little tighter. Funny how as humans we often get swept up in negativity so quickly, when really there is so much hope out there, and an infinite amount to be grateful for. Sometimes we just have trouble seeing it.


Have you watched any good movies lately?


Tomorrow I have a special guest post to share with you, so be sure to check back! I’ll be taking Monday off to enjoy a long weekend with my family, and will post again on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend, friends!
?With Love,
Wendy Irene

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