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Inner Beauty

Saturday night, 7pm, I’m in bed, my candles are lit, I’m playing my station mix on Pandora and I am not complaining!  I feel like I grew up in the last few days…LOL!  I’m joking, but I have surprised myself staying strong and being productive while David is busy working on a show.
I am enjoying my experience on She’s Got The Look more than any other show I’ve worked on, for many reasons… One, I am working with women, not “children” that I so often find myself surrounded by in the business.  I am privileged to be with a group of women that I have a lot of respect and admiration for.  The show is full of life lessons, inspirational moments, and endless opportunities to grow.   My days are filled with a long list of responsibilities, from hosting, to mentoring, to judging.  I am in my dressing room with my personal creative team for hours each day, and they have been dear friends for many years.  That is unique in itself, and a total plus.  I’m feeling inspired lately because I am doing something that I truly enjoy, both professionally and personally.  It’s a gift to go to work under those circumstances, and even more special to have an opportunity to put heart and soul into a project that I really believe has value.  I cannot wait for the show to air in June; I think so many women will relate to it.  The message runs deep and will apply to many.
I’m working on a show about beauty in women over 35 years old.  Many of them are insecure about certain things, they are holding on to who they were in their 20s.  I am certain that if we can let go of our insecurities, focus on our positive qualities, and find some things to love about ourselves, that then and only then will true beauty come out. 
I feel better today about myself than I ever have before.  I know who I am and I have so much more to offer than I did in the years past.  Beauty is much deeper than many think; it starts with a feeling and develops into a state of mind. Everyone has it…ever meet someone who may not have knocked your socks off right away, but after getting to know them, they became incredibly beautiful?  How about the stunning woman with the personality of a fly that quickly becomes unattractive because her spirit is so ugly…
I am focused on beauty because I am shooting a modeling competition, but I am also exploring it on many different levels and doing lots of press about why I relate to the show and what it means to me.  I am watching women change before my eyes, as they grow and discover themselves and some are going backwards as emotional baggage gets in their way. So I am telling you this…knowing who you are and feeling comfortable in your skin at any age is essential to feeling like a complete woman.  Embracing Mother Nature and rocking any age is empowering.  I think in our society change and age is very difficult for most women. At the end of the day, I know that if you have something much deeper to hold on to than beauty, you will come out ahead.   It is not just the trips to the beautician that make a woman feel great, its happiness, affection, accomplishment, love, family, gratitude, etc.  I am working and banking on the happiness part.  Happy days are the ones that make me  feel my best!

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