Happy Birthday Shaya!
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Happy Birthday Shaya!

Shaya’s 4th Birthday was a blast!

It started out as a small impromptu backyard celebration with the few boyfriends he has. 20 people turned into 40 and 1:00 pm raged on till 7:00 pm.

I love days like that, spent at home and shared with loved ones in the gorgeous 80 degree weather in the ‘Bu. What a lucky guy! Shaya pulled the most beautiful day of the year.

The kids played on a rented jumpy, we barbecued, and all enjoyed the bubble show given by a bubbleologist!

Never knew they existed, but the kids were fascinated, especially when she put Shaya inside a giant bubble!!!


Later everyone ended up in our pool, which was freezing, but you know how children have no thermometer. As I was enjoying another round of margaritas with the parents, we saw the kids gathered in a circle screaming ooohs and aaahs… I rushed over to find Shaya and his buddies ransacking ALL the gifts, tearing open as fast as they could to move on to the next discovery.

No pad in sight, no wingman prepping for thank you details, and I wanted to scream, but all I could do is crack up at the wrapping paper dream scene.

Seriously – organizing opening presents one by one, reading every card, and making notes is torture for a child but uberly important for every mom, so no one goes without a thank you.

In this case, almost every mom was still there and we all laughed our butts off.

By dinnertime, my house was still full so I called like an army chef, “All hungry kids to the table!” and I whipped up everything I could find in the fridge.

Of course, my “go-to” fried rice recipe, left-over pasta, last night’s pasta puttanesca, and even some leftover rib-eyes, which quickly became onion, steak and cheese burritos.

It was quite a scene but so fun and as always in my house, the more the merrier!

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