Spring Cleaning and Summer Slim Down
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Spring Cleaning and Summer Slim Down

I’m hoping to inspire you to do a little house keeping.

It’s time for spring cleaning, and by that I mean cleaning out the clutter, both physically & mentally.

Decluttering our mental space is most important, and we must learn to reset our minds and create space for a positive daily thoughts.That negative voice inside you that tells you you can’t do something, and is constantly criticizing you…. tell it to “Shut up!” And change your inner dialogue.

Next, I cleaned out my pantry and fridge, too. This is probably the most important place to start the challenge with a clean-slate. Processed, unhealthy foods and snacks can be a huge obstacle to success.

Check for expiration dates and get rid of anything that doesn’t feed our body in the most mindful way. Let’s make room for vibrant healthy food that will nourish our bodies and supply healthful new recipes. Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes. Getting organized at home and in the kitchen will inspire opportunities to start to new habits.

This philosophy can be applied to any space you spend time in. If it is your office, try recycling all those loose papers you no longer need. Donate office supplies you never use. Clean out your inbox!! How good does it feel to get rid of that little notification number on your mailbox?? Any type of organization and cleaning that you have been putting off, do it! Get it done. You will be so happy you did.

Housekeeping never felt so good. I love Spring and I am so ready for summer!