Beauty Tips & Tricks From Miss New Jersey
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Beauty Tips & Tricks From Miss New Jersey

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk to my cousin, Michelle Leonardo (a.k.a. Miss New Jersey USA 2012) about her beauty routine. 

And of course, I wanted to pass all the great tips and tricks I learned along to all of you and your daughters.

Even as a young child, Michelle was always on the road to success – she studied, had dance lessons, attended pageants and now she goes to Suffolk University for Broadcast Journalism.

This 20-year-old is full of discipline and works very hard at whatever she sets her mind to do. And to top it off, she is blessed with a very loving and supportive family.  No wonder she is a winner!

Here are some of this beauty’s best beauty secrets:

Skin Care

Michelle’s skin care regime is simple and easy. She washes her face twice a day with Dove Soap and moisturizes with Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizer. Between now and the Miss USA Pageant, she will schedule a facial once a month.


Her beautiful long dark hair is on the drier side. While in the shower, she leaves Kerastase Masque on her hair for five minutes and then rinses it out. For more deep conditioning – Dr. Miracles Deep Conditioning treatment is used while sleeping. She says it works great and is only $1.69. You can’t beat that! Before drying and styling her hair, Michelle uses a heat protective spray and then coats her locks with Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum to help keep it straight and shiny.


She keeps to a low carb/high protein diet and drinks lots and lots of water. She admits to a sweet tooth and enjoys a cupcake from time to time. Who doesn’t right? Egg whites start off her morning and she has tuna fish, grilled chicken or a bunless cheeseburger for lunchtime and dinnertime.


Cardio, weight training and resistance training exercises are the foundation for keeping her body fit and trim. Leading up to the competition, she will be working out twice a day.

Make-Up Must Haves

In her purse is always a cherry Chapstick, MAC concealer and Maybelline great lash mascara – the classic pink and green one. The girl loves mascara!


Michelle likes to set trends and she changes up her style from day to day. Sometimes she goes for the classic “Audrey” look, other days “geeky chic” and sometimes she’s an all-out “fashionista.”

Bronzing and Moisturizing

Protan two minute tanner and St. Tropez mousse gives her a nice extra glow to top off her look. She says cocoa butter and baby oil makes her skin super smooth. (I can’t wait to try this one.)

Keeping to a strict hour by hour schedule, I asked her how she de-stresses.

Her response? She throws on Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody” and jams out in her dorm room with her BFF Nicole. 

We are all very proud of how hard Michelle has worked to get where she is. I’m so glad she took the time to share her beauty secrets with me and all who read this. 

Keep up the good work and keep shining!

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