Why I Love Yoga
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Why I Love Yoga

While I am practicing yoga I stop taking myself for granted. I stop taking life for granted. I stop taking my body for granted, and most importantly I stop the negativity towards myself and towards others. During yoga I appreciate the miracle of all that I am, of all that we are.

Yoga is amazing. How many things can you think of in your day that help foster self-love, self-acceptance? Yoga softens you and makes you both stronger and more peaceful.

One moment you feel your body work hard to support you in a powerful pose. The next you are at complete rest. Combined in a perfect duo, yoga is both the exercise and the rest you need for your well-being.

It can be cold and raining outside, but during yoga I can close my eyes and immediately feel sunlight on my skin. I am transported to the peaceful space that lies within me. I can hear, feel and be anything. I can sense my connection to everything, and appreciate the many colors of light within all of us.

Yoga both opens my heart and strengthens it all at the same time.

Yoga is the ultimate expression of self-love.

Breathe in love, breathe out peace.

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