Friday Organization
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Friday Organization

I finally got a day off, David drove all the girls to school today, I took Shaya and now I’m using my free time to get super organized.  In my dreams, I’m curled up in bed reading a book, but there is so much to do. Good thing I carved out an hour for myself after I dropped Shaya off  to work out…that truly makes everything else tolerable.

I finally synced up all my school calendars to my iCal system, which alerts me on my phone. What a lifesaver and great way to make sure I don’t miss any important school events!

Speaking of organization, the best part of my week was my dear dear friend who spent  a few days in my closer purging and organizing…Now I can actually see what the hell I’m doing and choosing in there.  Best gift EVER!!! 

(That is true love, LOL!)

I ordered a bunch of my kids’ favorite snacks online today, and paid about ½ the price that the grocery stores are charging, and now I’ll be stocked up so they can help pack their own lunches – great snacks like dried seaweed, roasted almonds and Sun Chips.  

I’ve been snack mom for all sports this week and I love the recent “NO SUGAR” rule. I’ve been bringing grapes, oranges and watermelon with peanut butter crackers and Gatorade, which doesn’t fall into the “brownie/cookie” sugar category.  I just bought a cooler on wheels so that makes it all a bit easier. For my big girls’ games I bought foot-long Subway sandwiches and cut them into fours, the kids loved all this.

Today I’m making annual dentist appointments, for me too.  Rain has lost four teeth in the last month which is crazy cute and just in time for Halloween!  

(She’s joking about being a Jack-O-Lantern.)

Why do they have to lose them all just in time for Kindergarten pictures?  She was soooo excited to get a note from the tooth fairy last night, which was a special surprise for her front tooth.

I also packed a bag, which stays in my truck, filled with a change of clothes and necessities for all my kids.  It’s my Just-In-Case bag and I use it all the time for emergencies.  You never know. Kind of like my car first aid kit which my kids and their friends constantly tap into for boo boos.  There is also some mommy emergency stuff tucked in there, as well as $20 and a flash light – you never know.

I’m scheduling my second mammogram.  I just got my annual notice in the mail.  It came Oct 1st, just as breast cancer awareness month started.  This month is a great time to do it.  It’s actually not as bad as many say.  I was really surprised last year when I had my first one.  It’s crazy not to do it, there is too much medical information available to keep us healthy.

That’s my Friday afternoon update, before I head into town to start picking up kids again. 

Dinner is marinating in the fridge and David and I are sneaking out for a date tonight! Gotta do it, before we dedicate our weekend to soccer games, sleepovers, Bat Mitzvahs and birthday parties.

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