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It’s the little things in life that matter most, like the sweet smell of my daughter’s breath in the morning. Anyone who isn’t a mom is probly thinking GROSS, but trust me when you’re in love with your children, everything about them is delicious! Her kisses are the best! I can’t get enough of them.  Shaya just started kissing too, and we all love it.  So does his girlfriend!

shaya kiss

Ever wonder why much of your adult dinner conversations are spent talking about all the adorable things that your children are doing – it’s because we’re obsessed with them! Careful not to turn off the guests who are not parents – David and I have been guilty of that.  How about the fact that the ModernMom office walls are lined with original abstract art, hand made by the GEATEST artists of all time, our kids!
I am amused and so entertained with Rain these days.  She is 2 ½ now and I love our conversations.  She touches me in ways that I never knew.  That’s what happened last night when I was laying in bed with her, watching High School Musical 3 for the hundredth time.  She was snuggled up in my arms and said, “Mommy, I miss you so much…” I said,  “I’m right here baby.” Rain replied with passion, “I know but I miss you so much when you are at work.”  My eyes filled with tears, I hurt for her, but I loved the fact that she could express that to me and share her feeling in such a loving way.  I was sad for a moment about how busy I have been lately, work, mtgs, all the kids.  I am juggling a lot lately and know that I am missing some moments.  I have to allow myself to be guilt-free because I need to work.  It’s hard, and I know that many moms are torn between staying home and going back to work.  For those of us that don’t have the option, I say make all your time with your family count.  Quality time is goes a long way in their eyes, and check in with them.  We know our children speak the truth, and we need to hear it.

It is so hard to find the right balance when it comes to work and family.  As a working mother of four, I am responsible for listening to my children’s needs, not only to fulfill them but also to define them as we go along.  All of my children need such different things at different times.  I am always looking for ways to teach and encourage my kids to express themselves and have an open line of communication with me.  I also want them to connect with the reality that Mommy has to work, even though they are always my priority.

Every day is a challenge.  Doing the best we can, doing enough, and most importantly not losing sight of what matters the most.

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