Tighten That Tush: Butt Blaster Workout Moves
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Tighten That Tush: Butt Blaster Workout Moves

Don’t let that saggy bum get you down. Mommy’s can tone and tighten their tushees before the kiddies are up and out of bed.

Single Leg Squat

Try this exercise at least 3 times per week, on non-consecutive days to build better legs and cheeks.

Set Up:

Stand tall with your heals under your hips, abs tight, shoulders down away from your ears. If balance is unpredictable, grab hold of a sturdy support such as a nightstand or chair.

(Alternatively, advanced exercisers should grab dumbbells in each hand.)


Exhale and raise right leg, as you balance on the left leg. Slowly inhale and bend your left knee and lower your body into squat, pause at the bottom, exhale and stand.

Repeat for 12-15 repetitions, switch legs and repeat the suggested repetitions until you complete 3-4 sets per side.

Training Tip:

To protect your knees, only lower enough so you don’t feel pain in your joints. Start slow and steady and lengthen your range of motion as strength increases.

Lisa Robins is a personal trainer and fitness expert. You can follow her on Twitter: @LisaRobinsFit

(photo credit – Steve Trujillo, Phoenix, AZ)

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