Guided Meditation on Trust
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Guided Meditation on Trust

Do you ever struggle with trusting people? Do you trust yourself and the decisions you’ve made or the ones you still need to make? Do you truly believe and trust that things will work out OK? I think it is fair to say from time to time we all struggle with the act of trust, whether it’s trusting our loved ones, people we work with, or even our own decision making abilities.

First, let’s start by not getting down on ourselves, forgiving ourselves, and treating ourselves with kindness. It is human to have these feelings, and really that is all they are, feelings. We can work together on trusting as opposed to acting out of fear, or reacting to feeling a lack of love. When we feel a lack of trust going on within, let’s take time to recognize those feeling and realize we are much greater than our feelings.

In this meditation we will work together on shifting the mind to a more positive, trusting, and loving space. From there I recommend that you meditate in silence for 10 minutes afterwards so that you are best able to listen to your own inner guidance.

The Guided Meditation on Trust is just under 8 minutes long, so if time is of concern set your alarm for 18 minutes, which will allow you to better let go, listen to the meditation, and then meditate on your own for 10 minutes.

Please enjoy!

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Please return to this meditation whenever you feel like you are struggling with trust, whether it’s trusting another person, trusting yourself and your decisions, or trusting that things will work out for the best. Remember life is happening FOR you.

With peace & love,

Wendy Irene

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