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Kimberly Kaplan and 300 Autism-Related Blogs

Kimberly Kaplan and 300 Autism-Related Blogs

I guess you can call this a toot-your-own-horn posting because this is my 300th blog!

I have not only written 300 blogs for my own website but those same 300 blogs have also appeared on ModernMom.com.

How did I start on ModernMom.com?

Well…through a recreational softball team, of course.


My husband ran a recreational softball team years ago in Santa Monica.

At some point, he picked up a player who happened to live near the field. This player spent a week or two walking down to this field to watch the games. My husband finally asked him if he played. He did.

The player soon began to play on my husband’s team.

The player had a wife who, at the time, worked with children with autism.

I remember being at a softball game with her one time—both there to watch our husbands play—and she was telling me about autism. I had no clue, at the time, what she was talking about.

A couple of years later, this behavioral specialist was our first phone call when we began to ask questions about our son.

For the next few years, she (more or less) held my hand through our son’s evaluation, his first therapies, and our first IEP.

We will forever be grateful to Jen for how she helped us in those early years.

How did that lead to blogging on ModernMom.com?

Jen moved into a new field and began a website that would help the modern mom…ModernMom.com.

I remember talking to her one time and she mentioned that I could blog about autism for her new website. By this time, my son was in elementary school and doing well.

By this time, I had a handle of lots of things autism.

I had educated myself and had written my own self-published book on our early years called, “A Parentsʼ Guide to Early Autism Intervention.”

I was volunteering for Autism Speaks and I was attending a lot of conferences (hint: Guess what my first ever blog was about?)

Plus, I was about to start my own writing-related website that included my blogs, books, and screenplays!

I loved the idea of posting one blog a week on ModernMom.com and being the Autism Mom writer.

Just to be super transparent, it has not been a consistent once-a-week blog posting. I have taken vacations and certain weeks off.

But, still…I began to write for ModernMom.com in August, 2011.

My first blog was about autism conferences. Why I attend them and why I think it’s important for all autism parents to attend, at least, one.

I haven’t looked back since that first blog. I’ve even took it a step further in the book world and published my second autism-related book, “Two Years Autism Blogs Featured on ModernMom.com.”

Makes sense, right?

Here’s to 300 more blogs on ModernMom.com, a fantastic source for all things modern mom-related.

And, thank you, Jen, for all that you have done for me and my family! As along as you’ll keep having me, I’ll continue to post as this autism!

Kimberly Kaplan and 300 Autism-Related Blogs

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