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Repeat Performance on Autism Live

Repeat Performance on Autism Live

It was around this time last year that I first appeared on Shannon Penrod’s show, Autism Live. Shannon and I discussed how my husband and I first discovered our son’s autism, my short film, “Autism and Cake,” and how I advocate for my son.

This second time, Shannon graciously discussed my book, “Remembering Monty Hall,” which was just published in April (written with the late Ken Rotcop). We discussed how we met and, again, my two other autism-related books and my short film.

I had a blast the first time, and the now the second time.

How did we meet?

I met Shannon through our husbands. My husband is best friends with Shannon’s brother-in-law.

Shannon reminded me that up hearing about her son’s diagnosis, her brother-in-law mentioned us (like all parents with young children on the spectrum know each other).

Well, we did finally meet. Our kids are about the same age and they even have a similar diagnosis.

It wasn’t until a few years later, however, that I got to know Shannon Penrod.

How did that happen?

We kept running into each other at autism-related events. We’d say to each other, “Oh, that’s right. Our husbands are connected in some way.” We’d laugh and then discuss our sons.

We hit it off.

To me, Shannon Penrod is a force of nature. My work in the autism community pales in comparison with hers. Her show, Autism Live, provides a very skilled, unique, experienced, and professional take on all-things-autism. Her guests have ranged from Temple Grandin to me, her topics cover everything from food to celebrity to advocacy to legal questions.

This is a huge shout out to Shannon Penrod and Autism Live!

And, thank you!


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