Brooke Burke: Fitness Tips, Recipes + My Eating Plan


“I find Freedom in Fitness. Dress the part, SWEAT in STYLE. Caelum Lifestyle any where, every time!” – BB

Fitness is about getting a little uncomfortable. By that I mean the willingness to discover your boundaries, finding your limits and the commitment to push through them. The benefits of working out go far beyond the booty and the bod. It really is about so much more. I blog about this topic a lot, it’s my passion space. When I started my Booty Burn class and became a teacher, I found my escape. There’s nothing better than self confidence and feeling accomplished after a kick-ass work out. Everyday I teach, I encourage everyone to give her/himself credit for just showing up. On some days that’s enough. Together we find that sweet spot where we surprise ourselves; push through our pain and change our bodies.

Yes I said pain, fitness is supposed to hurt a little and yes, you must sweat your ass off or quite honestly you just aren’t working hard enough. I feel like I’m in better shape in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s, when I was weighing my food, eating tuna fish, oatmeal & apple sauce (together, YUCK) and spending waaaay too much time in the gym. Now it’s an hour or less work out (ok, my Malibu Mamas will call me a liar because I always steal an extra 20 minutes in the session to stretch and breathe, it’s the best part of my class). Fitness is about understanding how to work out for YOUR body and maximizing every moment that you devote to yourself. Aren’t you worth it? Check out my 10 fitness tips.

I want to share some of my favorite recipes that I begin each day with. Breakfast is the most important meal for me and I never EVER skip it. I’ve been making morning shakes for my family for years, and mixing it up (no pun intended) is super important so you don’t get bored. My current favorite is my-

Holiday Smoothie:
8 oz Vanilla Almond Milk
¾ scoop of protein powder
tsp cinnamon
Scoop of turmeric powder (awesome)
1 tsp. almond butter
1 cup frozen pears
2 dates

More smoothie ideas can be found here and here.

Don’t ever think that not eating will help you lose weight, that’s total BS. Eat more, lose more. Sounds crazy I know. Small, smart, frequent meals are the best for your body and metabolism and will help minimize your cravings throughout the day.

Next I want to give you a snap shot of what a typical week of dining looks like for me. On most days I’m managing a mini circus so I know that if I can take care of myself as well as I care for the rest of my brood, anyone can. I raise 4 kids, I’m a working woman, a blogger, a teacher, a home chef, a referee, a lover, a driver, a friend and on-and on.

Check out my eating plan here.



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