Oscars, DWTS and Ambien
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Oscars, DWTS and Ambien

The Oscars came and went too fast! Now I’m watching the fashion critiques on every channel. 

What didn’t fly by were the hours of preparation getting ready for the biggest day in television.

I hosted a live pre-show with my friends Carson Kressley, Molly Sims, and Katie Lee, talking fashion and food.  It was a great viewing party and the 1st of its kind type of show, which streamed live on the Internet.   We were lucky to be high on top of Sunset Blvd, watching the red carpet unfold via flat screen with a live feed from our correspondent who was in the middle of the A-lister chaos. I’ve done the red carpet arrivals before, and trust me it is HARD work, trying to remember who’s who and who is nominated for what. This year, I actually had time to watch most of the films so I was prepared, but there is nothing worse than screwing up an interview because you have NO clue who you are talking to…..

What many people don’t realize is how many hours it takes to get ready, and the amount of eyeballs that are watching for you to make one wrong move! I had several stylist fittings to find the right dress, then a seamstress had to fit it perfectly to my body, then the right jewels had to be pulled to match, and of course, my favorite part, the SHOES!  It’s a shame no one ever gets to see them.  Here are the Louboutins I wore:

I wore a yellow Carolina Herrera gown and Martin Katz jewelry.  I had a blast sharing a dressing room with Carson Kressley and the girls.  Here we are getting ready for the event, having a double manicure! 

Most people get ready around noon and head to the carpet by 3 pm to do interviews then sit there for a 3 HOUR show, then the Governor’s ball and, of course, all the after parties.  It’s literally a 12 hr. event, in stilettos with no food except what you can cram into your tiny-jeweled clutch!  Trust me, watching at home in you PJ’s is the best seat in the house.  That’s exactly what I did as soon as we rapped, I dashed home and enjoyed the show with my family. My favorite part of the night was Emma Stone’s presentation, I loooove her! And excuse me Fashion Police, I totally thought her dress was right on the money.

Hitting a Hollywood party after a day like the Oscars is the last thing I’d want to do.  I got an invitation to attend a party starting at 11 going till dawn…yeah right! Maybe 3 kids ago, LOL!  Call me boring but I’m just being honest.

You should see me now, I just had a bowl of cereal for dinner, its only 7pm and I’m making myself go to bed because I have to be up at  2 am to head to the Jimmy Kimmel studio for a live shoot on GMA to announce the new cast of Dancing With The Stars!!!! I am as excited as the rest of the country to meet the new cast.  I hope you join me in the am, bright and early.  NY shows are the worst when shot from the west coast.  We go live at 5 am, which means I start hair and make-up at 3 am….

Crazy, but it will be worth it, I cannot wait to meet everyone and see what season 14 will deliver!  Who are you hoping will join the cast?

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