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Should You Ever Discipline Another Parent’s Child?

Last Sunday, I sat with a group of parents watching our nine-year-old daughters play the first basketball game of the season. Next to us, a young boy, maybe five years old, sat playing on an iPod.  No headphones.  It was very loud.  It was very annoying. His mom sat on his other side, oblivious, cheering for her daughter. One of the dads leaned over to the young … [Read More...]


Reach Out For Help

One of my biggest strengths raising my daughter alone is my independence and ability to take care of all the things that go into running a household. But if I’m honest, this is my greatest weakness as well. Sometimes, as a single mom, you need help. And it’s okay. Using your resources makes you smart and, well, resourceful. We need to step outside of our comfort zone and … [Read More...]


Is Spoiling Our Kids An Addiction?

More clues (as if we need them) that American parents have lost our heads: Slate and The Washington Post recently reported that American parents are now hosting birthday parties for seven-year-olds featuring enough presents for an orphanage, and milk chocolate facials, limousine transportation, and faux champagne for kids under 10. Separately – but maybe related -- … [Read More...]


20 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

After seeing and holding the newest member of our family I've realized that there is nothing as pure, beautiful and amazing as the sight of a new born baby, but the smell, the smell of a newborn so lovely, so clean, it actually reminded me of the air in Oregon, strange I know, but it did. That wonderful smell was like a spell cast over me, it almost made me tell my … [Read More...]