2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here which means SHOPPING! We have rounded up some great gift ideas to help you out. Happy holidays and thanks to our sponsor BOSEbuild! … [Read More...]

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How Do I Discipline a Toddler Who Hits?

In addition to cuddling, sharing and being sweet, toddlers often display unpleasant, angry tendencies, such as hitting, screaming and biting. Like many parents of toddlers, you may feel like your gentle baby turns into a tiny monster, wreaking havoc and distress with his bouts of anger. Teaching your child not to hit requires plenty of effort, including speaking to your … [Read More...]


Selling Your Kids On Story Time: Practical Tips For Raising Readers

“It’s tough for kids to say goodbye to the excitement of the day, so falling asleep can be so much sweeter with a parent at their side, reading their favorite bedtime story.” - Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Chief of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center and Co-Founder of Reach Out and Read Bedtime stories. Those two simple words conjure up happy memories for many of us. If you … [Read More...]


8 Things You Should Never Say To A Breastfeeding Mom

As a new mom, I’ve learned to ignore a lot of stupid comments and questions about breastfeeding. But, sometimes enough is enough. It’s not that I am offended – it’s just annoying to hear the same questions and comments all the time. So, I came up with a pretty good list of some ridiculous, obnoxious, stupid things, and here they are: (Not responsible if you bang your … [Read More...]


You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. – Maya Angelou In these changing times, it’s good to remember the long view. Making history isn’t easy, but be assured: Women are making history. Kamala Harris became California’s first female Attorney General. Catherine Cortez Masto became the first … [Read More...]


7 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before A Play Date

I’m embarrassed to ask that…what will they think of me? This is what many parents tell us when we discuss the importance of asking “safety questions” of another parent/friend /adult before sending their kids to a play date, sleep over, or off to sports practice. With all of the stories in the media lately about seemingly "trusted" adults in children’s lives who have … [Read More...]


Three Tips To Help Tame Our Kids Tech

Get this: U.S. teenagers now spend a whopping NINE HOURS A DAY using media. That’s more time than most spend sleeping, learning, or hanging out with us. The nine hours includes watching TV, videos and movies, playing video games, listening to music, and checking social media. New research shows that some 13 year olds check social media 100 times a day. Girls spend 40 … [Read More...]


A Letter To My Son, About Being A Little Brother

To my sweet boy, I’m just going to come out and say it: it sucks to be a younger sibling.  I can’t say I know how you feel, because as a firstborn, I have never been in your shoes. But I remember how I used to treat my little brother, and I wouldn't have traded places with him for anything. As your mom, my heart breaks for you every time that your sister hurts your … [Read More...]