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Halloween Tricks (for Parents)

As we head into Halloween, I want to offer a few cautions based on 18 Halloweens as a parent. First: Feed your kids dinner BEFORE they go Trick or Treating. This took me five years to learn. Children will not eat peas and chicken after 20 Reese’s peanut butter cups. Second: Please do not limit your kids’ Halloween candy to five pieces or force them to sell their loot … [Read More...]


Not On My Watch Waterboy!

Last week I had to step out of the arena during one of my daughter’s hockey games to take a phone call. As I was talking on the phone, I noticed a kid had plugged the indoor water fountain and was allowing water to spill over onto the floor. He was also spraying the water from the spout causing a tsunami like effect which also wet the floor. There were about a dozen … [Read More...]


Happy Hump Day! Two Year Old Humping Stuffed Animals, Help!

Mom With Violated Stuffed Animals writes: How do I handle my humping two year old girl ? It has started to happen on our couch during family time with favorite stuffed animals and even larger plastic toys. She is still in diapers. I know this is a normal phase, but do I ignore it/what can I say to let her know the couch isn’t the place??? Help!!!  Dear MWVSA, Good … [Read More...]


My Kids Are Those Kids…Lessons From The Hood

Birthdays around here happen quite often, what, with six kids and all. Half the year is taken up with buying for birthdays, planning for birthdays, cooking for birthdays, cleaning up for birthdays, cleaning up after birthdays, and crashing after birthdays! My kids start making their 'what I want for my birthday' list the day after their birthday! It's like a holiday … [Read More...]