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Accidental Co-Sleeping: How to Get the Kids Out of Your Bed?

Last weekend my kids had a sleepover at my sister Melissa’s house. Apparently when they were going to sleep, Nora asked if she could sleep in Melissa’s bed with her. Then she shared this gem with everyone: “My mom let me sleep in her bed one time when I threw up on my pillow twice.” Then Alex added: “And I slept with my mom once after I ate a peanut and almost … [Read More...]


Want Life Satisfaction? Generate Gratitude – Here’s How

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. “ ~ Thornton Wilder I’ve been reading RJ Palacio’s 365 Days of Wonder to my children. Each morning we start the day with an inspirational thought to guide us. We take a few moments to talk, bringing the lesson home. In the morning bustle, taking this 5-minute breather helps … [Read More...]


Taming the Temper Tantrum

Every mom has experienced them, and if you're not at that stage yet...just wait! The stroke of the clock that ushers in your child's toddler years also starts the ruthless era of the temper tantrum. Patty Onderko from helped us figure out the rationale behind your child's emotional explosions. Good Lord, can't they just behave? Well, it turns out, no, … [Read More...]


What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting

The world is full of advice for pregnant and about-to-deliver mommies. From books to blog posts to friendly neighborhood chit chat, pregnant women and those on the verge of delivery have numerous information sources when it comes to figuring out what the hell is happening to their bodies and how to cope with those changes. But what about after they've delivered the … [Read More...]