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5 Signs You’re No Longer A Rookie Mom

It usually comes at the most random of moments: The epiphany that you, a mother, are no longer the newbie in the world of motherhood.This sudden realization might hit you when you’re covered in your child’s vomit or observing the nervous moms peeking in the windows of the church nursery. But at some point, there is that defining moment when a woman discovers she has … [Read More...]


I Promise To Let You Have Ugly Hair

I recently spent time around a table with some older and wiser mothers. Conversation soon turned to teenagers. I envied my own budding members of this often maligned demographic, who sat on the hostess' matching recliners, lost in competition on their iPods, while the battle-worn women told of children morphing into angry, emotionally unstable - even abusive - … [Read More...]


10 Ways to Stop Your Child’s Whining

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” - Anthony Robbins The sound of whining is one of the most irritating sounds on earth - really.  A recent study confirms this, though any parent could already tell you the same.  According to the research, whining has more power to distract (parents and nonparents … [Read More...]


Sibling Rivalry: Convincing My Kids I Love Them Equally

In their quest to discover the truth about where my heart really lies, my children are sneaky. Consider this: a fight with my daughter that ended in her declaring that she feels like I hate her.  I respond by telling her all of the things I love about her, ending with the line, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.  At this, the tears miraculously stop.  The … [Read More...]