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Finding Time for Family Dinners

Rushing home from work, I call the children and tell them to have their cleats on and be waiting outside the door because I will be there in five minutes to pick them up for practice. They excitedly climb in the car and instead of asking them about their day, I find myself barking out the order in which I will drop each child off and then pick them back up. I don’t … [Read More...]


10 Things Happy Moms Do Differently

"Today's feminism isn't about women doing it all. It's about women NOT having to do it all." - Gloria Steinem I began buying into the myth of "doing it all" at an early age. In my 20s, I had my checklist life in mind: start a lucrative career right after college, meet someone and fall in love, get married by age 30, get my career to a successful enough point that I … [Read More...]


How I Learned Not To Sweat The Small Stuff

"Through humor, you can soften some of the worse blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive." -unknown They say a clean house is a healthy house. While there may be truth to that, I had to let go of that fantasy years ago. With little to no planning, I became the crazy mother of 5. I had 4 kids in … [Read More...]


Dealing with Two Year Olds: How To Make Your Life Suck Less

From my experience with 2 year olds, you can expect a lot of “No” and “I don’t want to.” This is developmentally appropriate, although it makes your life suck. However, there are some things you can do to make your life suck less. Pick your battles. So she doesn’t get dressed, who cares. It’s not winter. So she doesn’t eat dinner, who cares. If she was hungry, she … [Read More...]


6 Best Foods to Eat After Baby

Ok, new mommys, listen up! I went from weighing in at about 162 lbs at nine months pregnant, down to weighing in at 122 lbs as of yesterday. That's right - I lost 40 lbs of baby weight in 3.5 months (Noella will be four months old in two weeks). I have compiled a list of the 6 Best Foods to Eat After Baby. Whether your goal is to lose weight, produce more breast … [Read More...]