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What If I Don’t Find Pure Joy In Parenting?

JOY - joi/ noun - a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. When I tell people I don’t find joy in parenting, half the time I am answered with a “hallelujah” and the other times I am totally judged.  But see, it’s not that I don’t find parenting enjoyable and in moments joyful, it’s that I don’t feel PURE joy in parenting - at least yet.  It is bone-chilling … [Read More...]


7 Ways To Keep Your Children Safe In The Water

Swimming is one of the most popular activities for families to enjoy during the summertime. However, you shouldn’t let the fun lull you into a false sense of security. All too often, we hear about drowning incidents that stem from children swimming unattended or parent inattention. That's why it's so crucial that you make safety a top priority whenever your children are … [Read More...]


Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

As mothers, we often teach our young children about “Stranger Danger” and how to deal with the creepy man down the street. We instruct them on how to react to the man in the car who offers them candy or what to say to the person on the other end of the phone asking if their mommy or daddy is home. If our children are older, we are confident they will tell us if something … [Read More...]


How Do You Handle Backseat Parenting?

Last week while on holidays, my family went on a whale-watching tour. The boat looked very much like a pirate ship, so the kids were fairly impressed. About halfway into the adventure, a visibly stressed out older woman went over to my four-year old, took him by the hand and brought him over to where I was sitting with Daddy-o and a friend. She explained that she was … [Read More...]


How To Establish Clear Policies For Your Teen’s Tech Use

Technology has transformed our world so thoroughly that our kids cannot imagine life without gadgets. They expect to have access to these devices 24/7, but their expectations aren't always realistic. Computers, the Internet and smartphone apps can be tremendous assets to learning, but they can also be significant detractors unless parents establish clear policies for … [Read More...]