Puff Pastry Cheesy Love

Give these puff pastry hearts a try for your loved ones on Valentine's Day! You can fill them with just about anything, but my husband and kids love it when … [Read More...]

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Nice Things You Say That Really Annoy Me

When we have our babies, it is natural to transform into “mama bear”, stopping at nothing to defend and protect. For the mama who has a child facing additional challenges, this instinct goes into overdrive. Having a child with autism has made me respond to certain comments irrationally. I can be oversensitive - even when comments are said in kindness or without any … [Read More...]


I’d Like A Few Do-Overs At This Parenting Thing…

There are lots of things that suck about being a parent. Diapers come to mind right away, and not sleeping, and having to clean vomit off of carpet at two o’clock in the morning.  Also, making lunches every day.  That one totally sucks.  And eye rolls.  Eye rolls suck.  Especially when they’re directed at you. But I’m finding that what sucks the most, for me, anyway, is … [Read More...]


Life Lessons for Kids Learned From the Presidential Race

I was raised, and am raising my three kids, in Washington, DC. I visited the Carter White House routinely as a kid. My children all groan when traffic is stopped for the Vice President’s motorcade. The whole family is on a first name basis with Malia Obama’s Secret Service detail. You’d think my kids and I would talk politics all the time as a result. But mostly, the … [Read More...]


How To Make Momrades

Recently, we moved into a new house, leaving the city where we had been living for 13 years. Our new home was in the same town where I grew up and a ton of my “growing up” friends had moved back also. But a lot has changed in the intervening years. I thought it’d be easy to fall back into the suburban routine, but there were a whole new host of cliques, classes, and clubs … [Read More...]


What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abuse

A day does not go by without story after horrible story of child abuse in the news. We don’t know how you feel about it, but it seems to us it’s getting worse. As Child Safety Experts and Co-founders of KidSafe Foundation, our mission is "to educate adults and children to prevent child abuse." However, after teaching over 30,000 children and providing our seminars, … [Read More...]