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And So It All Began…Lessons From The Hood

When I became a mom my life changed. God opened my eyes to the meaning of true love. Through my child, I was able to see that I had been called to do great things. This beautiful child was giving me a chance to leave my mark, to possibly change the outcome of the future, I had a purpose, a title, I was a Mom! The first few moments of motherhood for me were exhausting, … [Read More...]


Working Your Core During Pregnancy

Having strong abdominal muscles is important for men and women alike, however it is especially important for women when they become pregnant.  If your abdominal muscles are flabby it forces the back muscles to compensate by taking on extra work to support the spine.  When you are pregnant and carrying extra weight the lower back is strained even more, so the stronger your … [Read More...]


My Baby Is Not Getting My Husband’s Last Name

If the parents of a baby don't share the same last name, why should the baby automatically receive the father's last name? It's old school and annoying: my baby will be getting my name. Period. So What If It's Tradition!? Ok, I get that it's tradition that a child is to receive the father's last name, but when I was pregnant with my first baby (and we were not yet … [Read More...]


Kissing Kids on the Lips: Fine or Not?

I recently read an article that says that parents should not kiss their babies on the mouth, because it can be "sexual" or "stimulating."  Well, look at this: Here is why I think this is fine.  And not just me, plenty of other people think it's fine, too. People are hypocritical.  In this article, a woman says that kissing kids on the lips is creepy, but … [Read More...]